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Information about the Joint Replacement Surgery benefits:

Our body consists of several joints, which are places where two or more bones meet together. A hinge joint is a type of joint (knee joint), and it is classified according to its ability to flex and straighten. A ball-and-socket joint is a joint in which the rounded end of the bone is fitted into the hollow space of another bone. Over some time, the articular cartilage or the cartilage lining towards the end of the bone can be damaged or worsened in some people.

Such people should undergo joint replacement surgeon in Noida to restore the functioning and movement of the joint and relieve pain. The damaged joint and nearby tissues are removed and replaced with a prosthesis. Joint replacement surgery by the best knee surgeon in greater Noida is usually performed on areas such as the shoulders, hips, and knees and may be performed on parts such as the elbow, ankles, and fingers too.

What are the benefits of joint replacement surgery?

Improved mobility

The patients can even move freely after surgery, as it can enhance free movements. It is beneficial for someone who was not able to move freely earlier due to damaged joints.

Relieved from pain

The patients can resume their regular activities due to pain relief and also enjoy life. One of the major benefits of joint replacement surgery performed by orthopedic surgeon in Noida is that patients significantly experience relief from pain.

Quality of life

After performing surgery, they experience less pain, an improvement in mobility, and even feel more independent. So far, many patients have reported improvements in quality of life.

Independent feeling

Without depending on someone, they can perform tasks even more easily, and hence, joint replacement surgery can improve their independence.

How successful is joint replacement surgery?

The joint replacement surgery by an orthopedic surgeon in greater Noida needs careful preparation and follow-up as it is a major surgery. Although the success rate of the surgery is higher, the following are some tips to ensure a positive result:

1. Inform the doctor if you are consuming any other medication or over-the-counter drugs. Some medications increase the risk of bleeding, making it difficult for the doctor to perform the procedure.

2. Do not forget to tell your doctor about your allergies or any other medical problem you are experiencing.

3. Clarify all your doubts with the surgeon and let all the questions be answered. Also, confirm with the doctor about the benefits, risks, or time needed for recovery after the procedure.

4. To prepare for the surgery, the patient should change their lifestyle, such as stopping smoking or performing workouts regularly. Also, eat healthy food and maintain an ideal weight.

5. Before the surgery by the best orthopedic doctor in greater Noida, ensure that you get enough sleep to lower the possibility of infection.

6. So after preparing for the surgery, ensure you are comfortable.

7. Follow the instructions as specified by the doctor before, during, and after the surgery.

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